West Side Story Revival ?Hope Of Love Triumphs, Yet Again

The latest of West Side Story revival, Broadway 2009 attracts fans of musicals in droves. The story of love & hatred, hope & fate ?this musical seems to witness several revivals in the future too ?not just from Broadway.

The Original Broadway Production

Winter Garden Theater witnessed the opening of original West Side Story in September 26, 1957, which went on to run 732 performances at first and 253 performances after returning from touring. Originally directed and choreographed by Jerome Robbins, the musical was an instant hit, appealing to the broadest audience base.

The West End production was at Her Majesty’s Theater in West End, London, where it had 1039 performances. The Scandinavian tour started in Feb 1962, was also a hit across the cities.

The History of Revivals

The Light Opera Company production ran 31 performances at New York City Centre in 1964. Lincoln Center and Richard Rodgers production at New York State Theater, Lincoln Center top eleven cheats 2016 ran 89 performances. February 14, 1980 saw Broadway revival at Minskoff Theater, which ran for 333 performances. Currently, it is the 2009 Broadway revival, which is attracting people from all roblox hack cheats parts of the world to New York’s theater district.

Over the decades, critiques have made several observations on West Side Story. Some people think it is the love story that is the most compelling, while others think it is the choreography, dance and gang war that are more compelling than the main story of Tony and Maria. Further, the dark theme, extended dances and music score make it a special treat.

Broadway Experience

Broadway theaters now have a cult-like status, with people from all parts of US and around the world reaching NYC just for a Broadway experience. They buy Broadway tickets even before they leave their home. And, several travel and tour operators know this too. They offer Broadway tickets as part of their travel products. There are over forty Broadway theaters in the NYC itself and there isn’t a dearth of classic or modern musicals performing in the theaters.

The several original productions and keen business sense put Broadway on top. The visitors always enjoy a fine experience, whenever they walk in for a musical, opera or concert. In fact, most visitors to NYC plan their Broadway visit too.

When it comes to buying online tickets for Broadway shows, you have different options today. Most of the online ticket sellers take a service charge in addition to the ticket price. In some cases, you can also find discount Broadway tickets. In fact, you can find tickets to almost all kinds of operas, musical performances, etc. Just make sure you do a bit of research to locate the ticket sales, which give you good prices and good seats.

If you are planning a trip to NYC and you are http://www.topelevenhackcheatss.xyz/ interested in seeing Romeo and Juliet in an American street setting, you have a good chance for the West Side Story is running in one of the Broadway theaters. Otherwise, you can wait the musical to tour your city.

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